Superior IFP Steering Damper Suitable For Toyota LandCruiser 76/78/79 Series V8 (Each) - IFP-1017S

    Superior IFP Steering Damper Suitable For Toyota LandCruiser 76/78/79 Series V8 (Each) - IFP-1017S

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    Superior Engineering's IFP Steering Stabilizer is based upon an "Internal Floating Piston" shock. This means there is an internal dividing piston that keeps the oil and nitrogen separated.

    The nitrogen gas maintains constant pressure against the billet "floating" dividing piston

    A Superior Engineering’s IFP Steering Stabilizer is a must-have addition if you are running larger tires or suffering from a lack of control due to your worn-out factory stabilizer.

    The IFP Steering Damper utilizes a very finely tuned damping profile, creating the ideal solution for the best control and feel possible! Internally a balanced flow linear piston is utilised to provide exceptional damping performance.

    The IFP steering damper is tuned and tested to not only start to function when you impact large hits but also help to reduce small chatter and road imperfections felt through the steering wheel. This damper is internally tuned by a series of shims to control every aspect of the driving experience!

    Monotube design with a 46mm piston and a 16mm shaft that provides excellent performance, and is designed to give a more comfortable and improved steering control.

    Nitrogen Gas prevents cavitation of oil inside the damper when it heats up during use over rough roads when combined with the monotube design this allows the damper to work more consistently.

    The piston has a Teflon coating allowing it to slide more smoothly and last longer.

    A highly polished Chrome shaft ensures long shaft life.

    High-quality seals are designed to protect against oil leaks and perform very well even in dusty and dirty conditions.

    The highly polished Chrome steel shaft is 16mm in diameter.


    • All bushes are stainless steel spherical bearings.
    • Machined mounting pins ensure a strong mounting point for the damper.
    • Aluminum Eye-ring
    • Chrome zinc plating
    • High-performance Monotube design.
    • Nitrogen charge to eliminate foaming and cavitation
    • Powder coat finish
    • Fully Rebuildable
    • Tunable piston design
    • Rod guide features Buffer O-ring


    • Body: 52 mm
    • Piston: 46mm
    • Rod:16 mm



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    76 Series - 04/2007 on
    78 Series - 09/1999 on
    79 Series - 09/1999 on
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