Monotube Remote Reservoir (MRR) shock absorbers

With serious 4x4 owners now pushing their vehicles through harder, harsher terrain with more accessories fitted to their 4x4’s than ever before Dobinsons saw the need for a no compromise, performance engineered shock absorber that offers the ultimate in performance.

Over four years of research, development and testing was undertaken to produce Dobinsons Monotube Remote Reservoir shock absorbers. Dobinsons MRR Series introduces premium quality build design and features to achieve the ultimate in performance and durability.

50mm and 60mm extra large bores, combined with remote oil reservoirs, provide the perfect housing for an enormous oil capacity and surface area to resist shock fade and maintain vehicle handling.

Unlike some other brands, each Dobinsons shock absorber is designed specifically for the vehicle and application and is designed to perform best when matched with Dobinsons Coil Springs. In some cases multiple options are available to ensure the best possible ride, handling, comfort and performance is achieved for the complete suspension system.

Features and Specifications:

  • Massive 56mm & 66mm Outer Body
  • External Remote Oil Reservoir
  • 3mm Heavy Duty Wall Thickness
  • Monster 50mm & 60mm Bore
  • Direct Bolt-on Design
  • Triple Lip Oil Seal
  • Fully Rebuildable Design
  • Vehicle Specific Valving
  • EDP Surface Protection
  • Natural Rubber Bushings