Dodge Ram 1500 - DS (2013 On) - Tough Dog 40mm Adjustable Lift Kit - Preassembled Struts

Tough Dog

Type: Ram

Model: 1500 - DS

Year: 2013 On

Suspension Type: Coil Spring Front / Coil Spring Rear

Front Lift: 50mm

Rear Lift: 50mm

Detail: 40mm Bore Adjustable Shock
Front Preassembled Struts & Coils

The kit contains:

  • 2x Tough Dog 40mm Adjustable - Front Preassembled Strut & Coils
  • 2x BM403033 - Tough Dog 40mm Adjustable Rear Shocks
  • 1x TDSP-021 - Swaybar Relocation Bracket
  • 2x Tough Dog Rear Coil Springs

Recommended Upgrades:

  • 1x TDPR-026 - Adjustable panhard rods
  • 1x TDAA-025 - Coil Insert Airbags
  • 1x TDAS-002 - Wireless Air kit
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Type: Ram

Model: 1500 - DS LWB

Year: 2013 On

Suspension Type: Coil Spring Front / Coil Spring Rear

Front Lift: 50mm

Rear Lift: 50mm

Detail: 40mm Bore Adjustable Shock
Front Preassembled Struts & Coils

40mm Bore Adjustable Shock Absorbers

The 40mm adjustable shock brings the ability to fine tune your ride control to just about every 4WD user. The shock offers 9 different stages of adjustment, to fine tune the ride characteristics to your personal preference and application.


  • 40mm internal bore
  • 60mm external casing
  • 18mm chrome-plated rod
  • High temperature, all weather oil
  • Foam cell
  • 9 Stage external adjustment
  • Additional welding on all studs and eye rings
  • 4 Year / unlimited km Recreational warranty (Conditions Apply)
  • 3 Year / unlimited km Commercial warranty (Conditions Apply)

Panhard Rod Rear

Adjustable panhard rods allow the axle to be re-centred under the vehicle after the height has been modified. Tough Dog panhard rods are bent from a single solid bar for strength, and are adjustable to cover a broad range of vehicle heights.

This Vehicle Part No: TDPR-026

Wireless Air

Offering a built-in air compressor for your air bag system, the Tough Dog Wireless Air kit allows you to adjust the pressure in the air bags on the fly, thus providing the perfect amount of pressure in the bags depending on your requirement. The system also allows you to adjust each airbag individually, catering for vehicles with uneven loads. The Wireless Air Kit can be controlled by a user-friendly LCD wireless controller or the intuitive wireless app that can be programmed with user-defined presets and enables frequently used pressures to be saved. The kit has been designed to be easily installed and only requires a battery to be hooked up.

This Vehicle Part No: TDAS-002

Coil Insert Airbags

When carrying varying loads or heavy towing, Air Assist coil insert kits can help level off vehicles. By increasing the air pressure, the coil insert kit increases the effective spring rate and levels the vehicle. The high pressure bag is inserted inside the coil spring and assists the coil spring when necessary.

This Vehicle Part No: TDAA-025

Important Notes for setting up your Vehicle Correctly:

  • When selecting Springs to suit your lift, please Select Springs only to suit Current "CONSTANT" Loads Front and Rear.
  • Towing Loads are not included in your Constant Load Calculations, as they are not "Constant" Loads.
  • Please do not put Occasional Loads into your "Constant" Load determinations.
  • Selecting a load rating that is too heavy for your setup will result in Poor Flex Off-Road, Compromised Suspension Travel & Rough Ride, and will cause damage to your new shock absorbers and other components by pushing them outside of their intended range.

Please Note:

  • All lift heights stated are estimated lift heights, due to the large number of variables in each different vehicles setup and accessories.

Data sheet

Ram 1500
DS - 2018 on
Tough Dog
Shock Type
Tough Dog 40mm Adjustable
Full Lift Kit
Lift Height

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