Toyota Hilux N70 (2005 - 2015) - Dobinsons Monotube Remote Reservoir 3-Way Adjustable (MRA) Front Lift 3" - Preassembled Struts

Type: Hilux

Model: N70 Vigo - KUN/GGN 25/26,KZN 35/36

Year: 2005 to Mid 2015

Suspension Type: Coil Spring Front / Leaf Spring Rear

Front Lift: 75mm

Rear Lift: 50-75mm

Detail: 4x4 Single Cab
4x4 Extra Cab
4x4 Dual Cab
75mm (3” Lift)

The kit contains:

  • 2x MRA59-A220C - Monotube Remote Reservoir (3-Way Adjustable) Front Shock absorbers
    Adjustable Spring Seat Height - X = 226mm / 8.89"
  • 2x Dobinsons Front Coil Springs 
  • Coil and Strut Assembly with new strut tops SC59-001 - Strut tops

Recommended Upgrades:

  • 1x UCA59-003K - Upper Control Arm - (Pair) Chrome-Moly Tubular 3º Castor Built In Rubber Bushes with Ball Joint
  • 1x UCA59-203K - Upper Control Arm Forged Aluminium - (Pair) Adjustable Camber & Castor Rubber Bushes With Ball Joint
  • 1x DD59-538K - Full Diff Drop Kit
  • 1x CV59-557K - High Clearance Inner C.V. Boot Kit
    * Must Be Fitted For Lifts Over 50mm To Reduce C.V. Boot Wear.
  • 1x CV59-554K - High Clearance Outer C.V. Boot Kit
    * Must Be Fitted For Lifts Over 50mm To Reduce C.V. Boot Wear.

Optional Upgrades:

  • 1x DD59-527K - Diff Drop Kit
  • 1x RM59-004 - Reservoir Mounting Bracket Kit - Vehicle specific Remote Reservoir Positioning And Fitment
    * MRR and MRA shocks come with a generic mounting Bracket.
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Type: Hilux

Model: Vigo - KUN/GGN 25/26, KZN 35/36

Year: 2005 to Mid 2015

Detail: 4x4 Single Cab, Extra Cab, Dual Cab,
75mm (3” Lift)

Shock Info: 3-Way Damping Adjustment Remote Reservoir (MRA)

Built on the back of the race winning Monotube Remote Reservoir (MRR) shock absorbers, Dobinsons new range of MRR Adjustable shock absorbers combine the best in high performance race-bred Monotube technology, with an all new 3-way damping adjustment system to turn your 4x4 into the ultimate off-road machine. Each component of the MRR shock absorber has been refined and improved to offer a higher level of ride quality, vehicle control and shock absorber performance.

The new 6063 honed aluminium reservoir, revised light-weight floating piston, Carbon Fibre/PTFE/Disulphide composite wear band, improved 3-stage sealing system and the ability to run lower gas pressure with the addition of the reservoir compression adjuster, have combined to provide massive reductions in shock absorber friction, resulting in an improved vehicle ride and damping performance. The revised sealing design now provides a 3 stage FKM-HNBR shaft seal system that, when combined with the reduced operating frictions, provides a vastly increased service life with reduced wear.

The Micro-polished, hard chromed and heat treated shock shaft, revised CNC aluminium high flow race piston, and DOM Seamless tubing body provides the ultimate in performance and off-road durability. The 3-way adjustment design reduces the main piston working load, distributing heat more evenly between the main piston and the reservoir piston for reduced operating temperatures, and allows quick and easy damping changes for the ultimate in shock tunability in varying terrain and vehicle loads, to keep you controlled and comfortable. Enjoy the ride...

Features and Specifications:

  • 10 Stage High Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 20 Stage Low Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 15 Stage Rebound Adjustment
  • 50 / 60mm CNC Machined High Flow Billet Aluminium Race Piston
  • Lightweight CNC Machined Low Friction floating piston
  • TSUGAMI™ CNC machined components for precise tolerances
  • CNC TIG Precision Welded Body End Mounts
  • 60mm 6063 Aluminium Remote Reservoir
  • Upgraded 3 Stage FKM‑HNBR Sealing System
  • Fully Rebuild-able Design
  • 5140 HV900 Hard Chrome Plated, Heat treated 18 / 22mm Micro- Polished high strength Shock Shaft with a minimum tensile strength exceeding 700MPA
  • Direct Bolt-On Design
  • 3mm Thick Heavy Duty DOM Seamless 56mm / 66mm O.D. shock Body Precision Honed to +/- 0.04mm
  • High Quality O.E.M. Grade Natural Rubber Bushings
  • Parker™ Braided High Pressure Hoses
  • EDP Surface Protection
  • Carbon-Fibre/PTFE/Disulphide composite wear band for the ultimate in low-friction, low‑wear performance

The kit contains:

  • 2x MRA59-A220C - Monotube Remote Reservoir (3-Way Adjustable) Adjustable Spring Seat Height X = 226mm / 8.89"
  • 2x Dobinsons Front Coil Springs 
  • 2x SC59-001 - Strut tops
  • Coil and Strut Assembly

Recommended Upgrades:

  • 1x UCA59-003K - Upper Control Arm Kit
    3º Castor Built In Rubber Bushes with Ball Joint
  • 1x DD59-527K - Diff Drop Kit
  • 1x DD59-538K - Full Diff Drop Kit

Important Notes for setting up your Vehicle Correctly:

  • When selecting Springs to suit your lift, please Select Springs only to suit Current "CONSTANT" Loads Front and Rear.
  • Towing Loads are not included in your Constant Load Calculations, as they are not "Constant" Loads.
  • Please do not put Occasional Loads into your "Constant" Load determinations.
  • Selecting a load rating that is too heavy for your setup will result in Poor Flex Off-Road, Compromised Suspension Travel & Rough Ride, and will cause damage to your new shock absorbers and other components by pushing them outside of their intended range.

Please Note:

  • All lift heights stated are estimated lift heights, due to the large number of variables in each different vehicles setup and accessories. 

Data sheet

N70 - Vigo - 2005 to Mid 2015
Shock Type
Dobinsons MRA
Front Lift
Lift Height

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